Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Greetings Everyone!

It feels like I have been holding my breath ………………………….. for a long time ………………. and I don’t even realize I’ve been doing it. Breathing again these quick, deep lungfuls of oxygen makes me realize how long it’s been. Faith has sustained us, until God has provided. And today, a ray of sunshine has renewed the hope, faith, and conviction of our souls. Today, an email came with good news for New Day.

Probably all new-church-starts face this hurdle along their journey. New people are coming, ministries are growing, but giving is not matching spending. A little shortfall this month depletes the reserves; another shortfall the next month we cover ourselves; reimbursements for personal expenses get put off, then start accumulating; cash flow squeezes by for one more week. Hold your breath, keep praying, share your needs humbly with others, readjust your strategies, keep going, dare to ask, hold your breath…

Doubts linger like dark clouds on the horizon of the soul. Faith pushes them back. Rejection upon rejection creeps forward like a cold front. But today, a ray of sunshine breaks through to warm the heart and chase away the chill. Today, faith is not just rewarded but overwhelmed! Today, we were made aware that a major financial contribution to the ministries of New Day will be coming our way.

One sentence introduces the email’s content: “Some good news for you today!!” The sender has no idea! The gift was practically three times larger than we dared to hope. Tears leaking from the corners of my eyes surprise me, and make me realize just how long and hard we have been at this. All gifts are valued, but this one was necessary, for with it came the renewing breath of God:

“So I prophesied as [the Sovereign Lord] commanded me, and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet – a vast army.” ~Ezekiel 37:10 NIV

And so, we bob to the surface and drink in the wind of the Spirit before diving in deep again. One breath is sufficient to renew and restore for now. We praise God for every breath, and the life which comes with it.

We pray for whatever you need to breathe again as well.
Pastor Jim