Friday, August 7, 2009

Broadcasting to the Masses Begins

OH MY GOSH! Can you believe this?! Never in my wildest dreams did I think New Day Church would be featured on a billboard!! Pretty exciting! This along with direct mailings, brochures & beach ball give-a-ways for the Picnics in the Parks this month, and possibly a 30 second video spot at the local theater are all thanks to the $10,000 grant we received from the national United Methodist Church. Hopefully all these will provide great name recognition and many guests in the opening months! Hopefully, too, we'll be prepared for the people to come... YIKES!

Jim and I had a GREAT time in Door County, and we were able to visit with MANY friends and family from the WI/Chicago area before the conference in Chicago. We're glad to be home and busy with the many preparations that are before us these next 6 weeks.

Funds for the rest of the A/V equipment, computer system and childcare room are lacking right now. Some of the avenues that Jim has been pursuing have not provided as much support as we anticipated. Please pray that God will reveal some answers to this dilemma - we're trying very hard to have faith and not be anxious. But Sept. is looming large in front of us and we're feeling ill-equipped and poorly prepared at this point. Answers will come - they always do; a church planter's most important trait is flexibility!! Who knows what this Launch month will end up looking like?! (Well, of course, God does! THANK GOODNESS!) We trust that whatever it is, it will be enough. Of course, if any of you know a benevolent person of wealth who would be interested in helping a struggling new ministry... ?

Prayers for enough time, energy, people support (from Launch team and partner UM churches) and for God's joy, love, and peace to permeate this Launch process would also be greatly appreciated.

Blessings to you all,